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Effect of Microstructure on Strain-hardening Behaviour of a Ti-IF Steel Grade
Thermomechanical processing parameters were adjusted during the processing of Ti-IF steel sheet to obtain microstructures with different grain sizes and precipitation states. The grain size andExpand
Development of the SOFIA silicon carbide secondary mirror
The SOFIA telescope is ajoint NASA-DLR project for a 2.5 m airborne Stratospheric Observatory for IR Astronomy to be flown in a specially adapted Boeing 747 SP plane, Kayser-Threde being resopinsibleExpand
SiC telescope demonstrator (mirrors and structure): optomechanical performances
Matra Marconi Space (MMS) has designed, built, aligned and tested a 200-mm bi-telescope demonstrator, which both structure and mirrors have been manufactured with silicon carbide. Thanks to theExpand
Empirical model predicting the value of the strain-hardening exponent of a Ti-IF steel grade
Abstract The article aims at studying the influence of a Ti-IF steel grade microstructure on the strain-hardening exponent and establishing an empirical formula that could be used to predict itsExpand
Development of silicon carbide mirrors: the example of the Sofia secondary mirror
  • M. Fruit, P. Antoine
  • Materials Science, Engineering
  • International Conference on Space Optics
  • 21 November 2017
The 352 mm tip-tilt SOFIA Secondary Mirror has been developed by the ASTRIUM / BOOSTEC joint venture SiCSPACE, taking full benefit of the intrinsic properties of the BOOSTEC S-SiC sintered material,Expand
A new concept in telescope design SIC as the only material for mirrors and structure
This paper, “A new concept in telescope design SIC as the only material for mirrors and structure," was presented as part of International Conference on Space Optics—ICSO 1997, held in Toulouse,Expand
BAGHEERA: A new experimental facility at CEA / Valduc for actinides studies under high dynamic loading
This paper is a technical presentation about a new experimental facility recently developed at CEA/Valduc, BAGHEERA, a French acronym for "Hopkinson And High Speed Experiments Glove Box". ThisExpand
Characterization of lithium fluoride windows at 450 K for shock wave experiments: Hugoniot curves and refractive index at 532 nm
Lithium fluoride (LiF) windows are extensively used in traditional shock wave experiments because of their transparency beyond 100 GPa along (100) axis. A cor- rect knowledge of the optical andExpand
Ductile damage of tantalum under spalling effects. Experimental and metallurgical analysis
In this paper, we examine the experimental and metallurgical features of ductile damage of some high purity tantalum under dynamic uniaxial strain loading. This particular sollicitation is obtainedExpand