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Measurement of plant-available cadmium in New Zealand soils
Several methods of measuring plant-available cadmium (Cd) were compared using soils that had accumulated Cd under normal New Zealand agricultural practices (low total Cd concentrations, andExpand
Analysis of the hydraulics of the irrigation canals of Otrar, Kazakhstan
Surveys of relic canals at the Oasis of Otrar in Kazakhstan have been used to re-construct patterns of agricultural water use for irrigation between AD700 and AD1500. Hydraulic simulation softwareExpand
Monitoring Re-Growth of Invasive Plants Using an Autonomous Surface Vessel
Empirical efforts to monitor EWM infestation and evaluate harvesting methods using an autonomous surface vessel (ASV) based around a mono-hull design with two outriggers. Expand
Irrigation Research: Evapotranspiration Stress Index - a Better Way to Manage Irrigation?
There are big benefits in being able to detect plant water stress early in a commercially irrigated crop, particularly in achieving optimum crop yield and health with limited water resources. A lotExpand
Re-coupling the carbon and water cycles by Natural Sequence Farming.
The techniques of Natural Sequence Farming (NSF) were developed during hands-on management of degraded farmland in the Upper Hunter Valley region of Australia. Early settlement of the continent byExpand