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Mechanical power of ventilation is associated with mortality in critically ill patients: an analysis of patients in two observational cohorts
PurposeMechanical power (MP) may unify variables known to be related to development of ventilator-induced lung injury. The aim of this study is to examine the association between MP and mortality inExpand
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Individual effect-site concentrations of propofol at return of consciousness are related to the concentrations at loss of consciousness and age in neurosurgical patients.
STUDY OBJECTIVE To investigate whether a patient's propofol effect-site concentration at return to consciousness (ROC) was related to the propofol effect-site concentration at loss of consciousnessExpand
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Neostigmine vs. sugammadex: observational cohort study comparing the quality of recovery using the Postoperative Quality Recovery Scale
Quality of postoperative recovery is an important outcome after surgery. An observational cohort study was designed to assess the quality of postoperative recovery using the Portuguese version of theExpand
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Comparison of Neural Networks, Fuzzy and Stochastic Prediction Models for return of consciousness after general anesthesia
This paper presents three modeling techniques to predict return of consciousness (ROC) after general anesthesia, considering the effect concentration of the anesthetic drug at awakening. Expand
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The effect of a remifentanil bolus on the bispectral index of the EEG (BIS) in anaesthetized patients independently from intubation and surgical stimuli
Background and objective: Remifentanil boluses are used in different clinical situations and the effects on bispectral index monitoring are unclear. We analysed the effect of a remifentanil bolus onExpand
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Feedforward adaptive control of the Bispectral Index of the EEG using the intravenous anaesthetic dr
The problem of controlling the level of unconsciousness measured by the Bispectral Index (BIS) of the EEG of patients under anaesthesia is considered. Expand
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Sleep quality in times of Covid-19 pandemic
Abstract Background Due to the covid-19 outbreak, social distancing measures were imposed to control the spread of the pandemic.Expand
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The effect of high doses of remifentanil in brain near-infrared spectroscopy and in electroencephalographic parameters in pigs.
OBJECTIVE To study the effects of a high remifentanil bolus dose on pig's electroencephalographic indices and on brain regional and global oxygenation. STUDY DESIGN Prospective experimental study.Expand
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Modeling State Entropy of the EEG and Auditory Evoked Potentials - Hypnotic and Analgesic Interactions
We collected data from two study groups with auditory evoked potentials (AEP) monitoring, and Entropy (SE) monitoring. Expand
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