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Full accounting of the greenhouse gas (CO2, N2O, CH4) budget of nine European grassland sites
Abstract The full greenhouse gas balance of nine contrasted grassland sites covering a major climatic gradient over Europe was measured during two complete years. The sites include a wide range ofExpand
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Field pea (Pisum sativum L.) and spring barley (Hordeum vulgare L) were inter- and sole cropped to compare the effects of crop diversity on productivity and use of N sources on a soil with a highExpand
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Freeze–thaw regime effects on carbon and nitrogen dynamics in sub-arctic heath tundra mesocosms
Freeze – thaw fluctuations in soil temperature may be critical events in the annual pattern of nutrient mobilisation that supplies plant growth requirements in some temperate, and most high latitudeExpand
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Atmospheric composition change: Ecosystems–Atmosphere interactions
Ecosystems and the atmosphere: This review describes the state of understanding the processes involved in the exchange of trace gases and aerosols between the earth's surface and the atmosphere. TheExpand
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Effects of slow and fast pyrolysis biochar on soil C and N turnover dynamics
Abstract This study compared the effect of two principal pyrolysis methods on the chemical characteristics of biochar and the impact on C and N dynamics after soil incorporation. Biochar was producedExpand
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Effects of climate and management intensity on nitrous oxide emissions in grassland systems across Europe
Soil/atmosphere exchange fluxes of nitrous oxide were monitored for a 3-year period at 10 grassland sites in eight European countries (Denmark, France, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands,Expand
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Enzymatic Evidence for the Key Role of Arginine in Nitrogen Translocation by Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi1[OA]
Key enzymes of the urea cycle and 15N-labeling patterns of arginine (Arg) were measured to elucidate the involvement of Arg in nitrogen translocation by arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungi. MycorrhizaExpand
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Spatial and seasonal nitrous oxide and methane fluxes in Danish forest-, grassland-, and agroecosystems
Fluxes of N 2 O and CH 4 were measured monthly from 1990 through 1992 along a topogradient in a spruce forest (Picea abies L.), beech forest (Fagus silvatica L.), riparian grassland, coastalExpand
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Factors controlling regional differences in forest soil emission of nitrogen oxides (NO and N2O)
Abstract. Soil emissions of NO and N2O were measured continuously at high frequency for more than one year at 15 European forest sites as part of the EU-funded project NOFRETETE. The locationsExpand
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Application of biochar to soil and N2O emissions: potential effects of blending fast-pyrolysis biochar with anaerobically digested slurry
Soil applications of recalcitrant biochar offer the possibility of mitigating climate change effects through long-term carbon sequestration and potentially also by reducing emissions of the potentExpand
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