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Book review: Jean A. Berlie (Ed.), China’s Globalization and the Belt and Road Initiative
Jean A. Berlie (Ed.), China’s Globalization and the Belt and Road Initiative. (London, Palgrave Macmillan, 2020), pp. 342, €88.39, ISBN: 978-3-030-22289-5
Austrian Minds: Examining How Vienna Circle Influenced on Hans Kelsen'S Notion of "Grundnorm" and 20Th Century Legal Positivism
This paper seeks to explain Kelsen’s pure theory of law and his whole contribution to legal positivism was influenced and bolstered by his early stay in Vienna, even though the foundational stoneExpand
Thomistic Influence on Natural Law
St. Thomas Aquinas stands as an ivory tower in the world of western jurisprudence. Ecclesiastical works he compiled inspired later generations of jurists to reinterpret the form of natural law.Expand
Melian dialogue syndrome in the Indian Ocean: A critical appraisal of Sri Lanka’s “small state dilemma” in the context of Indo-Sino rivalry
Abstract Sri Lanka’s foreign secretary’s statement indicating that Colombo would adopt “ India First” foreign policy appears to be a much-consoling phrase for the Indian diplomats. It is a factExpand
Agamben’s two missing factors; Understanding state of emergency through colonialism and racial doctrine
Abstract The idea of state of exception and sovereignty presented by Italian political philosopher Giorgio Agamben in the aftermath of post September 11 context generated a new discourse in theExpand
Evaluating the jurisprudential wisdom of Judge C.G Weeramantry at International Court of Justice as the echoing voice of Global South
ARTICEL INFO This paper seeks to examine the contribution made by Sri Lankan judge C.G Weeramantry in the International Court of Justice during his tenure as a judge from a perspective of GlobalExpand