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Ethical Issues in the Use of In-Depth Interviews: Literature Review and Discussion
This paper reports a literature review on the topic of ethical issues in in-depth interviews. The review returned three types of article: general discussion, issues in particular studies, and studiesExpand
Obtaining informed consent to neonatal randomised controlled trials: interviews with parents and clinicians in the Euricon study
BACKGROUND Questions have been asked about whether the process of obtaining informed consent from parents to clinical trials on neonates leads to valid consent. We undertook a study in nine EuropeanExpand
Diagnostic delay in lung cancer: a qualitative study.
AIM This paper is a report of a study to identify factors influencing delay in reporting symptoms of lung cancer. BACKGROUND Lung cancer accounts for approximately 5% of deaths in the WesternExpand
Expectations and patients’ experiences of obesity prior to bariatric surgery: a qualitative study
Objectives This study aimed to understand the experiences and expectations of people seeking bariatric surgery in England and identify implications for behavioural and self-management interventions.Expand
How should public health professionals engage with lay epidemiology?
“Lay epidemiology” is a term used to describe the processes through which health risks are understood and interpreted by laypeople. It is seen as a barrier to public health when the publicExpand
Professional Boundaries: Crossing a Line or Entering the Shadows?
This article explores the professional boundaries guidance for social workers. It presents research findings from the formal literature, from agency codes of practice, from telephone interviews withExpand
Improving the quality of consent to randomised controlled trials by using continuous consent and clinician training in the consent process
Objective: To assess whether continuous consent, a process in which information is given to research participants at different stages in a trial, and clinician training in that process were effectiveExpand
Can there be an ethics of care?
  • P. Allmark
  • Medicine
  • Journal of medical ethics
  • 1 February 1995
There is a growing body of writing, for instance from the nursing profession, espousing an approach to ethics based on care. I suggest that this approach is hopelessly vague and that the vagueness isExpand
The ethics of research with children.
In this article, the focus of which is research with children, Peter Allmark considers ethical issues in relation to both quantitative and qualitative research. Guidelines on the ethical conduct ofExpand