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Asking the right questions: Scoping studies in the commissioning of research on the organisation and delivery of health services
Scoping studies have been used across a range of disciplines for a wide variety of purposes. However, their value is increasingly limited by a lack of definition and clarity of purpose. The UK'sExpand
Changing organisations: a study of the context and processes of mergers of health care providers in England.
This paper presents findings from a study of the context and processes of provider mergers in the NHS in England. Mergers are an example of organisational restructuring, a key lever for change in theExpand
Process and impact of mergers of NHS trusts: multicentre case study and management cost analysis
Abstract Objective: To study the processes involved in and impact of mergers between NHS trusts, including the effect on management costs. Design: Cross sectional study involving in depth interviewsExpand
On being a good listener: setting priorities for applied health services research.
In the last decade, explicit priority setting has become an integral part of health care systems. Indeed, there is even an International Society on Priorities in Health Care, created in 1997 (HamExpand
A socio-legal and economic analysis of contracting in the NHS internal market using a case study of contracting for district nursing.
  • P. Allen
  • Economics, Medicine
  • Social science & medicine
  • 2002
The introduction of an internal market in the National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom necessitated the use of contracts between purchasers and providers. Little thought was given to theExpand
The use of standard contracts in the English National Health Service: a case study analysis.
The use of contracts is vital to market transactions. The introduction of market reforms in health care in the U.K. and other developed countries twenty years ago meant greater use of contracts. InExpand
Investigating the Governance of Autonomous Public Hospitals in England: Multi-Site Case Study of NHS Foundation Trusts
Objective To investigate the external and internal governance of NHS foundation trusts (FTs), which have increased autonomy, and local members and governors unlike other NHS trusts. Methods In depth,Expand
Accountable to whom, for what? An exploration of the early development of Clinical Commissioning Groups in the English NHS
Objective One of the key goals of the current reforms in the English National Health Service (NHS) under the Health and Social Care Act, 2012, is to increase the accountability of those responsibleExpand
Innovation and the English National Health Service: a qualitative study of the independent sector treatment centre programme.
Over the past two decades, an international trend of exposing public health services to different forms of economic organisation has emerged. In the English National Health Service (NHS), care isExpand
Restructuring the NHS Again: Supply Side Reform in Recent English Health Care Policy
Introducing market-like structures to public services is a key aspect of New Public Management. The restructuring of the NHS into an internal market of the 1990s is an example. Recent policies haveExpand