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Salesperson Empathy and Listening: Impact on Relationship Outcomes
This study fills an important gap in the literature by developing a conceptual model that links salesperson empathy and listening skills to three outcome variables. Responses from a mail survey ofExpand
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Social Loafing on Group Projects
To respond to the expectations of the industry and business school accreditation bodies, marketing faculty have been making extensive use of group projects in their curricula. A common problem withExpand
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Who is the fairest of them all? An attributional approach to price fairness perceptions
Abstract We use attribution theory to understand consumers' perceptions of fairness of price increases. Using the dual entitlement (DE) principle, researchers in the past have suggested that priceExpand
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Ethical issues in electronic health records: A general overview
Electronic health record (EHR) is increasingly being implemented in many developing countries. It is the need of the hour because it improves the quality of health care and is also cost-effective.Expand
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Strategic brand alliances: implications of ingredient branding for national and private label brands
Current research on brand alliances has focused primarily on alliances between two known, national brands. However, there is significant benefit to both parties in an alliance between a nationalExpand
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Scarcity Messages
This study examines the relative effect of two types of scarcity messages (limited-quantity and limited-time) on consumers' purchase intentions. The moderating influence of brand concept (functionalExpand
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Barriers to the adoption of really‐new products and the role of surrogate buyers
This paper examines adoption of really‐new products (RNPs) from a consumer perspective. The unique characteristics of RNPs which differentiate them from other innovative products are examined inExpand
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Use it or lose it: purchase acceleration effects of time‐limited promotions
While researchers have examined the impact of retail promotions on purchase acceleration in the past, the distinction between time-limited and time-independent promotions has not been made in thisExpand
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The Wretched Refuse of a Teeming Shore? A Critical Examination of the Quality of Undergraduate Marketing Students
What is the quality of students attracted to the marketing major relative to other business majors? Although some anecdotal evidence suggests that undergraduate marketing students are lessExpand
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Pesticide poisoning.
Acute poisoning with pesticides is a global public health problem and accounts for as many as 300,000 deaths worldwide every year. The majority of deaths occur due to exposure to organophosphates,Expand
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