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Low-temperature oxidation of coal. 3. Modelling spontaneous combustion in coal stockpiles
In the first two papers of this series, a reaction-diffusion model for low-temperature oxidation of coal was developed and used to extract kinetic rate parameters for a Wyoming subbituminous coal. InExpand
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Transformations and destruction of nitrogen oxides—NO, NO2 and N2O—in a pulsed corona discharge reactor☆
Abstract There has been an increasing recent research interest in the removal of NO x from combustion gases using electrical discharges, especially pulsed corona discharge reactors. The major issuesExpand
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Mixing of homogeneous solids in bubbling fluidized beds: Theoretical modelling and experimental investigation using digital image analysis
An automated non-intrusive image analysis method has been developed for following the course of solids mixing in two-dimensional bubbling fluidized beds. In this investigation, experimental data haveExpand
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Low-temperature oxidation of coal. 1. A single-particle reaction-diffusion model
In this paper, the first of a three-part series, a kinetic model for low-temperature oxidation is developed. The formulation, based on a single isothermal particle, permits assessment of the relativeExpand
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Development of A Hierarchical Structure to Identify Critical Maintenance Components Affecting Road Safety
Inadequate and delayed maintenance of roads leads to road accidents. Several maintenance components like poor surface condition (big potholes etc.), improper traffic signs and marking, poor lighting,Expand
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Steam-drying of coal. Part 1. Modeling the behavior of a single particle
Abstract Steam-drying of coal is an attractive technology that offers, besides reduction of fire and explosion hazards, improved thermal efficiency. In addition, steam-dried coals appear to be lessExpand
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The COCO2 product ratio from the combustion of single petroleum coke spheres in an incipiently fluidized bed
The COCO2 product ratios at or near the surface of 9 × 10−3 m petroleum coke spheres burning in incipiently fluidized beds of 1.82 × 10−4, 5.95 × 10−4, and 1.1 × 10−3 m sand particles have beenExpand
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Mathematical modeling of fluidized bed combustion. 4: N2O and NOX emissions from the combustion of char
Abstract Batch experiments were conducted to investigate the emissions of carbon oxides and nitrogen oxides from the combustion of char prepared from a commercial coal in a bubbling fluidized bed.Expand
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Transport phenomena in multi-particle systems—II. Particle-fluid heat and mass transfer
Particle-fluid heat/mass transfer in multi-particle systems is considered. The approach developed extends the model for momentum transfer reported in an earlier paper. Based on a boundary layerExpand
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Measurement and modelling of bubble parameters in a two-dimensional gas-fluidized bed using image analysis
Abstract Bubble size is an important parameter in the design of fluidized bed reactors. A novel method based upon digital image analysis has been developed to automate the measurement of bubbleExpand
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