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The effect of macroalgal, formulated and combination diets on growth, survival and feed utilisation in the red abalone Haliotis rufescens
Novel insights are described into the efficiency of protein utilisation in juvenile red abalone fed combination diets as well as the effect of diet, particularly formulated feed inclusion level, on canned meat yields. Expand
Effects of brewery wastewater irrigation on Antofagasta soils.
Saline soils, common to the Antofagasta region of Chile, limit agricultural activity, the use of phytoremediation and the development of energetic crops. The aim of this work was to evaluate theExpand
Growth and fillet yield in recirculation systems of Lobotes pacificus (Perciformes: Lobotidae), a species with aquaculture potential
This study showed that L. pacificus has high yield potential for aquaculture and reached commercial sizes in less time than other similar fish species; however, the use of sardines as the only source of food was not recommended. Expand