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PHENIX: a comprehensive Python-based system for macromolecular structure solution
The PHENIX software for macromolecular structure determination is described.
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Towards automated crystallographic structure refinement with phenix.refine
phenix.refine is a program within the PHENIX package that supports crystallographic structure refinement against experimental data with a wide range of upper resolution limits using a largeExpand
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Iterative model building, structure refinement and density modification with the PHENIX AutoBuild wizard
The highly automated PHENIX AutoBuild wizard is described. The procedure can be applied equally well to phases derived from isomorphous/anomalous and molecular-replacement methods.
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Phenix - a comprehensive python-based system for macromolecular structure solution
PHENIX has been developed to provide a comprehensive system for macromolecular crystallographic structure solution with an emphasis on the automation of all procedures. Expand
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Decision-making in structure solution using Bayesian estimates of map quality: the PHENIX AutoSol wizard
Ten measures of experimental electron-density-map quality are examined and the skewness of electron density is found to be the best indicator of actual map quality. A Bayesian approach to estimatingExpand
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Real-space refinement in PHENIX for cryo-EM and crystallography
A description is provided of the implementation of real-space refinement in the phenix.real_space_refine program from the PHENIX suite and its application to the re-refinement of cryo-EM-derivedExpand
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Automated structure solution with the PHENIX suite.
The PHENIX software suite is a highly automated system for macromolecular structure determination that can rapidly arrive at an initial partial model of a structure without significant human intervention, given moderate resolution, and good quality data. Expand
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The Phenix software for automated determination of macromolecular structures.
X-ray crystallography is a critical tool in the study of biological systems. It is able to provide information that has been a prerequisite to understanding the fundamentals of life. It is also aExpand
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Macromolecular structure determination using X-rays, neutrons and electrons: recent developments in Phenix
Recent developments in the Phenix software package are described in the context of macromolecular structure determination using X-rays, neutrons and electrons. Expand
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Structure and membrane remodeling activity of ESCRT-III helical polymers
ESCRTs work in two very different ways The so-called ESCRT proteins are involved in the budding of vesicles into the lumen of endosomes and in virus budding. These reactions involve the formation ofExpand
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