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Wavelength conversion in GaAs micro-ring resonators.
Tightly confined, low-loss waveguides in highly nonlinear materials permit nonlinear optical interactions to occur over much shorter distances than do fibers. The nonlinear interactions are furtherExpand
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Optical signal processing using nonlinear semiconductor microring resonators
Recent fabrication advances have enabled compact semiconductor microring resonators to be fabricated with high-finesse values and picosecond cavity lifetimes. These devices have potentialExpand
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Performance tradeoff between lateral and interdigitated doping patterns for high speed carrier-depletion based silicon modulators.
Carrier-depletion based silicon modulators with lateral and interdigitated PN junctions are compared systematically on the same fabrication platform. The interdigitated diode is shown to outperformExpand
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Benchmarking SOI and bulk FinFET alternatives for PLANAR CMOS scaling succession
Abstract The multi-gate architecture is considered as a key enabler for further CMOS scaling thanks to its improved electrostatics and short-channel effect control. FinFETs represent one of theExpand
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56 Gb/s Germanium Waveguide Electro-Absorption Modulator
We report a Germanium waveguide electro-absorption modulator with electro-optic bandwidth substantially beyond 50 GHz. The device is implemented in a fully integrated Si photonics platform on 200 mmExpand
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High-efficiency fiber-to-chip grating couplers realized using an advanced CMOS-compatible silicon-on-insulator platform.
A new generation of Silicon-on-Insulator fiber-to-chip grating couplers which use a silicon overlay to enhance the directionality and thereby the coupling efficiency is presented. Devices areExpand
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Propagation loss in single-mode GaAs-AlGaAs microring resonators: measurement and model
We report propagation loss measurements in single-mode GaAs-AlGaAs racetrack microresonators with bending radii from 2.7 /spl mu/m to 9.7 /spl mu/m. The experimental data were found to be in goodExpand
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-1 V bias 67 GHz bandwidth Si-contacted germanium waveguide p-i-n photodetector for optical links at 56 Gbps and beyond.
We demonstrate a 67 GHz bandwidth silicon-contacted germanium waveguide p-i-n photodetector operating at -1 V with 6.8 fF capacitance. The dark current is below 4 nA. The responsivity is 0.74 A/W atExpand
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Broadband 10 Gb/s operation of graphene electro-absorption modulator on silicon
High performance integrated optical modulators are highly desired for future optical interconnects. The ultrahigh bandwidth and broadband operation potentially offered by graphene basedExpand
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Imec iSiPP25G silicon photonics: a robust CMOS-based photonics technology platform
We present imec’s silicon photonics active platform accessible through multi-project wafer runs. Expand
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