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Wavelet Analysis of Long-Range-Dependent Traffic
A wavelet-based tool for the analysis of long-range dependence and a related semi-parametric estimator of the Hurst parameter is introduced. Expand
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A Wavelet-Based Joint Estimator of the Parameters of Long-Range Dependence
  • D. Veitch, P. Abry
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • IEEE Trans. Inf. Theory
  • 1 April 1999
A joint estimator is presented for the two parameters that define the long-range dependence phenomenon in the simplest case. Expand
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Wavelets for the Analysis, Estimation, and Synthesis of Scaling Data
Scaling phenomena-(Multi)fractal-Wavelet analysis Scaling analysis-Scaling parameters estimation-Robustness-Fractional Brownian motion synthesis-Fano factor-Aggregation procedure-Allan variance. Expand
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MAWILab: combining diverse anomaly detectors for automated anomaly labeling and performance benchmarking
We aim at automatically finding anomalies in the MAWI archive using a graph-based methodology that combines different and independent anomaly detector outputs. Expand
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Shared Bicycles in a City: a Signal Processing and Data Analysis Perspective
We use nonstationary statistical modeling and data mining to study the time evolution of the dynamics of movements with Velo'v, that is mostly cyclostationary over the week withnonstationary evolutions over larger time-scales. Expand
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Seven Years and One Day: Sketching the Evolution of Internet Traffic
We show and explain how and why random projection (sketch) based analysis procedures provide practitioners with an efficient and robust tool to disentangle actual long term evolutions from time localized events such as anomalies. Expand
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The wavelet based synthesis for fractional Brownian motion
Abstract The aim of this communication is to propose some complementary remarks and interpretation on the wavelet-based synthesis technique for fractional Brownian motion proposed by Sellan in 1995.Expand
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Scale-Free and Multifractal Time Dynamics of fMRI Signals during Rest and Task
Scaling temporal dynamics in functional MRI (fMRI) signals have been evidenced for a decade as intrinsic characteristics of ongoing brain activity (Zarahn et al., 1997). Recently, scaling propertiesExpand
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Multiscale nature of network traffic
The complexity and richness of telecommunications traffic is such that one may despair to find any regularity or explanatory principles. Expand
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