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Agile Software Development Methods: Review and Analysis
Agile - denoting "the quality of being agile, readiness for motion, nimbleness, activity, dexterity in motion" - software development methods are attempting to offer an answer to the eager businessExpand
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New directions on agile methods: a comparative analysis
Agile software development methods have caught the attention of software engineers and researchers worldwide. Scientific research is yet scarce. This paper reports results from a study, which aims toExpand
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The impact of agile practices on communication in software development
Agile software development practices such as eXtreme Programming (XP) and SCRUM have increasingly been adopted to respond to the challenges of volatile business environments, where the markets andExpand
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Software development in startup companies: A systematic mapping study
Context: Software startups are newly created companies with no operating history and fast in producing cutting-edge technologies. These companies develop software under highly uncertain conditions,Expand
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Agile methods rapidly replacing traditional methods at Nokia: A survey of opinions on agile transformation
Context: Many organizations have started to deploy agile methods, but so far there exist only a few studies on organization-wide transformations. Are agile methods here to stay? Some claim that agileExpand
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Agility and Architecture: Can They Coexist?
Agile development has significantly impacted industrial software development practices. However, despite its wide popularity, there's an increasing perplexity about software architecture's role andExpand
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‘Lots done, more to do’: the current state of agile systems development research
European Journal of Information Systems (2009) 18, 281–284. doi:10.1057/ejis.2009.27 Agile systems development methods emerged as a response to the inability of previous plan-driven approaches toExpand
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Mobile-D: an agile approach for mobile application development
Mobile phones have been closed environments until recent years. The change brought by open platform technologies such as the Symbian operating system and Java technologies has opened up a significantExpand
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Agile methods in European embedded software development organisations: a survey on the actual use and usefulness of Extreme Programming and Scrum
Press releases, scientific publications and anecdotal evidence demonstrate that organisations worldwide are adopting agile software development methods at increasing speed. Little is still knownExpand
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What Do We Know about Software Development in Startups?
An impressive number of new startups are launched every day as a result of growing new markets, accessible technologies, and venture capital. New ventures such as Facebook, Supercell, Linkedin,Expand
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