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Defensive Glands in the Adult and Larval Stages of the Darkling Beetle, Luprops tristis
Invasion by large populations of the litter-dwelling darkling beetle Luprops tristis Fabricius following the short spell of summer rains during April, and their extended state of dormancy is a regular event in rubber plantation habitats in south-western India, are described. Expand
Termitophilous Orthogonius (Coleoptera: Carabidae) from South India
Abstract Description of a new carabid species belonging to the termitophilous genus Orthogonius with catalogue of the species in peninsular India (south of Indian subcontinent including Sri Lanka),Expand
A new Helluodes Westwood species from Western Ghats with notes on habitat, distribution and phylogenetic relationships of genera Helluodes Westwood and Physocrotaphus Parry of the tribe
Description of Helluodes devagiriensis, n.sp. from western slopes of the Western Ghats, a global biodiversity hot spot in southwest India, is provided along with redescriptions of all species ofExpand
A new Luprops species from Western Ghats with redescriptions and identification key to the species of Indian Peninsula and Sri Lanka (Tenebrionidae: Lagriinae: Lupropini)
Notes on the habits of L. tristis Fabricius, a nuisance pest in residential buildings in the rubber belts of the south Indian state of Kerala and an identification key to the species from Indian Peninsula and Sri Lanka are provided. Expand
Rare ground-beetle species of Leleuporella Basilewsky (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Scaritinae: Scaritini) from Indian sub-continent
Disjunct distribution of Leleuporella, in the river basins in Equatorial Africa and south west of the Indian subcontinent is supporting evidence to the argument about the biogeographic differences between Gondwanaland and the related faunal similarities between the regions. Expand