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A study of residual stresses in Zircaloy-2 with rod texture
Abstract The development of high grain-to-grain interactions in Zircaloy-2 polycrystals is due to the anisotropy of the thermal, elastic and plastic properties of the constituent grains. TheseExpand
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The impact of disturbance on the behaviour and energy budgets of Brent Geese Branta b. bernicla
We studied disturbance factors that caused Brent Geese along a stretch of the north Norfolk coast to take flight. Patterns of activity and undisturbed flight were also quantified, to derive energyExpand
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Self-consistent modeling of visco-elastic polycrystals: Application to irradiation creep and growth
Abstract w e present a model that permits the simulation of the transient response of polycrystalline aggregates to externally imposed loads and temperature gradients. The mechanical response of theExpand
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Management of Patients with Glottic and Subglottic Stenosis Resulting from Thermal Burns
A series of 11 laryngeal burn patients is reviewed. Various methods of laryngeal burn management are detailed, including steroid usage, laser therapy, and reconstruction with local flaps, grafts, andExpand
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Intergranular stresses in Zircaloy-2 with rod texture
The intergranular strains in thermally and mechanically anisotropic Zircaloy-2 with rod texture have been measured in situ under uniaxial tension along the rod axis by neutron diffraction. AnExpand
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Modelling The Spatial Morphogenesis In Cities: The Dynamics of Spatial Change in Manhattan
This paper translates the spatial laws which govern the process of urban morphogenesis in cities into mathematical rules which represent the change in the configurational structure of street networks. Expand
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Self-consistent modelling of nonlinear visco-elastic polycrystals: an approximate scheme
Abstract An approximate self-consistent scheme is presented for calculating the stress evolution in the individual grains of a polycrystal subjected to constant load conditions (creep), from initialExpand
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AOX reduction of kraft bleach plant effluent by chemical pretreatment—Pilot-scale trials
Laboratory tests indicate that the adsorbable organic halogen (AOX) in bleached kraft pulp mill effluent can be reduced by about 30% by an alkaline sulphide chemical treatment. Pilot-scale trials,Expand
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Homemade Sector Hedge Funds: Can Investors Replicate the Returns Without Paying the Fees?
This article examines the monthly returns of sectorexchange-traded funds (ETFs) during the period of January1999 to December 2005 to determine whether employinga momentum/oscillating-based tradingExpand
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COPYCAT: a system for the distribution of copyright cataloging information
  • P. A. Turner
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings of the 5th Jerusalem Conference on…
  • 1 September 1990
A description is given of a system for the distribution of copyright information on magnetic tape. Expand
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