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The first use of synchrotron radiation for vacuum ultraviolet circular dichroism measurements
Abstract Synchrotron radiation (SR) from modern electron storage rings is highly linearly polarized and more intense than conventional vacuum ultraviolet continuum sources. These unique propertiesExpand
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Osteomyelitis complicating Mohs' chemosurgery.
We report a case of osteomyelitis complicating Mohs' surgery for recurrent basal cell carcinoma of the forehead. The need for immediate versus delayed repair after this type of surgery is discussed.Expand
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Assignment of π → 3d rydberg transitions in ethylene around 9 eV using MCD and synchrotron radiation
Abstract Magnetic circular dichroism measurements on ethylene are reported over the region of the 3R00 and 4R00‴ origins around 9 eV. The results show conclusively that each origin is a composite ofExpand
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Interactions of black inner-city mothers with their newborn infants.
Interactions of 45 black inner-city mothers with their healthy full-term newborn infants were observed during a bottle-feeding on the third day after birth. An exhaustive catalog of some 100 motherExpand
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Circular dichroism of the alkyl amino acids in the vacuum ultraviolet
The circular dichroism and absorption for five alkyl amino acids as zwitterions has now been measured to 160 nm. Two bands are found, the nπ* at long wavelengths and ππ* at short wavelengths. In anExpand
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Imidazolate complexes of ferric porphyrins.
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Behavior of Leontopithecus rosalia (Golden-lion marmoset) and related species: A review
Abstract Perhaps the most interesting behavior exhibited by marmosets is the formation of permanent pair bonds and the resultant equal dominance of both the male and the female in the familyExpand
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Circular dichroism of l-borneol
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