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Impulsively started flow around a circular cylinder by the vortex method
Impulsively started, viscous, incompressible flows around a circular cylinder are simulated by a Lagrangian vortex solution of the vorticity equation using random walks for diffusion and theExpand
Colloid-facilitated transport of radionuclides through fractured media
Abstract The sorption of radionuclides on natural colloids may significantly modify their transport behaviour through fractured media, since radionuclides bound to colloids may not be subject to theExpand
Viscous oscillatory flows around cylindrical bodies at low Keulegan-Carpenter numbers using the vortex method
The random-vortex method (incorporating the vortex-in-cell method and numerical conformal transformation) has been used to compute two-dimensional viscous oscillatory flows around cylindrical bodiesExpand
The seasonal anomaly in the behaviour of the F2-layer critical frequency
Abstract An analysis of several years of monthly median noon critical-frequency data from more than 100 ground-based ionosondes has yielded a morphological picture of the ionosphere suggesting thatExpand
The development of photo-transferred thermoluminescence (PTTL) technique and its application to the routine re-assessment of absorbed dose in the NRPB automated personal dosimetry system
Abstract The re-assessment of absorbed dose has been performed routinely on customer dosimeters as part of the NRPB Automated Thermoluminescence Dosimetry Service. The technique of photo-transferredExpand
Structure of NGC 5128 (Centaurus A) at submillimetre wavelengths
We present new small-beam submillimetre maps and multi-aperture photometry at three epochs and several wavelengths of the nearest giant radio galaxy, NGC 5128 (Centaurus A). The nucleus appears as anExpand
Fatigue of bolted joints in (0/90) CFRP laminates
Abstract The results of an experimental study of the fatigue behaviour of double-lap bolted joints using 1 mm thick (0/90) 2s and 2 mm thick (0/90) 4s laminates from the XAS/914 CFRP system areExpand
The effect of stacking sequence on the bearing strengths of quasi-isotropic composite laminates
Abstract The pin-bearing strengths of eight different stacking sequences of quasiisotropic CFRP laminates were measured. The failure mechanisms were studied from scanning electron microscopy of theExpand