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A method for the fluorometric assay of histamine in tissues.
A sensitive and specific fluorometric method for the estimation of histamine in tissues is described. The method involves extraction of histamine into butanol from alkalinized perchloric acid tissueExpand
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The gastric secretion of drugs: a pH partition hypothesis.
Parenterally administered drugs are secreted directly into the gastric juice. The concentration ratio (concentration of drug in gastric juice divided by concentration in plasma) depends on theExpand
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In vivo monoamine oxidase inhibition by d-amphetamine.
Abstract In vitro, d- and l-amphetamine (AMPH) are reversible monoamine oxidase (MAO) type A inhibitors, the d-form being approximately five times more potent. Experiments were conducted in rats toExpand
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Absorption of drugs from the stomach. I. The rat.
When gastric contents are acid, the rat stomach rapidly absorbs most acidic drugs. In contrast, all but the very weakest basic drugs are poorly absorbed. When gastric contents are alkaline,Expand
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It is not the purpose of this paper to make a survey of the work suggesting that serotonin is a central neurohumoral agent, since much of this is being discussed by other contributors to thisExpand
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Release of serotonin and catecholamines by drugs.
  • P. A. Shore
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  • Pharmacological reviews
  • 1 December 1962
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Identification and chemical assay of norepinephrine in brain and other tissues.
Norepinephrine has been identified chemically as a normal constituent of brain. A simple, rapid fluorometric method for the estimation of catechol amines in brain and other tissues is described. TheExpand
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Evidence that serotonin has a role in brain function.
Action of Parapyruvate on Early Development of Strongylocentrotus Purpuratus: C. M. Montgomery and J. W. Bamberger .... ............ 967 Evidence That Serotonin Has a Role in Brain Function: B. B.Expand
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Comparative effects of monoamine oxidase inhibitors on monoamine oxidase and diamine oxidase.
Abstract The effect of several monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitors and related compounds on guinea pig liver MAO and diamine oxidase (DAO) was examined in vitro and after administration to animals.Expand
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Interaction of serotonin and lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) in the central nervous system
Serotonin (5-Oxytryptamin) wirkt bei der Maus als mildes Sedativum und steigert den hypnotischen Effekt von Evipan deutlich. Diese Wirkungssteigerung kann durch Lysergsäure-diäthylamid (LSD)Expand
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