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Aptian— Albian tectonic pattern of the Basque— Cantabrian Basin (Northern Spain)
During the Aptian and Albian thick terrigenous and carbonate successions of sediments up to 5000 m thick, including shallow water rudist limestones (Urgonian facies), were deposited in the Basque–Expand
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Impact of Early Aptian carbon cycle perturbations on evolution of a marine shelf system in the Basque-Cantabrian Basin (Aralar, N Spain)
Abstract The Aptian Oceanic Anoxic Event 1a (OAE1a, ca.120 Ma ago) is one of the most prominent of a series of geologically brief intervals in the Cretaceous reflecting a major perturbation in theExpand
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Structurally controlled hydrothermal dolomites in Albian carbonates of the Asón valley, Basque Cantabrian Basin, Northern Spain
Abstract Shallow marine carbonate sedimentation dominated during the Albian in the western part of the Basque Cantabrian Basin in Northern Spain, forming the large Ramales Platform. This platformExpand
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The Early Aptian of Aralar (northern Spain): stratigraphy, sedimentology, ammonite biozonation, and OAE1
The stratigraphy, sedimentology, ammonite faunas, and geochemistry of the early Aptian of the Aralar Mountains in northern Spain are described. This area contains a 983-m-thick succession ofExpand
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Persistence of coral-rudist reefs into the Late Cretaceous
During the Early Cretaceous, coral-algal communities occupied deeper water habitats in the reef ecosystem, and rudist communities generally populated the shallow-water, carbonate-sand substrates.Expand
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Cretaceous scleractinian corals from the Albian of Cabo de Ajo (Cantabria Province, N-Spain)
KurzfassungAus der Unterkreide (Alb) von der Halbinsel Cabo de Ajo (Provinz Cantabria) wird erstmalig eine stratigraphische Abfolge detailliert aufgenommen. Die Ajo-Fazies stellt Ablagerungen einerExpand
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Carbonate depositional sequence development on active fault blocks: the Albian in the Castro Urdiales area, northern Spain
The Aptian to lowermost Albian carbonate platform of Castro Urdiales (Cantabria, northern Spain) was broken up by extensional tectonic movements shortly after the beginning of the Albian. BlockExpand
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Depositional architecture of a rimmed carbonate platform (Albian, Gorbea, western Pyrenees)
A Lower Cretaceous carbonate platform depositional system with a rimmed margin and an adjacent oversteepened slope was analysed in order to determine its depositional architecture and majorExpand
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Sequence Stratigraphy and Systems Tracts of a Mixed Carbonate and Siliciclastic Platform-Basin Setting: The Albian of Lunada and Soba, Northern Spain
In the Lunada-Soba carbonate platform-basin setting (Albian of Basque-Cantabrian region, northern Spain), nine type 1 depositional sequences have been identified. Their boundaries represent times ofExpand
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Syntectonic hydrothermal calcite in a faulted carbonate platform margin (Albian of Jorrios, northern Spain)
A calcite mass more than 1.5 km long and 20 m wide crops outs along the faulted margin of the Albian carbonate platform of Jorrios in northern Spain. The mass contains abundant dissolution cavitiesExpand
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