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Design, synthesis and characterization of captopril prodrugs for enhanced percutaneous absorption
Most drugs are designed primarily for oral administration, but the activity and stability profiles desirable for this route often make them unsuitable for transdermal delivery. We were thereforeExpand
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Formulation and characterization of a captopril ethyl ester drug-in-adhesive-type patch for percutaneous absorption
Background: The ethyl ester of captopril has been shown to exhibit enhanced permeation across human skin compared to the parent drug. A drug-in-adhesive patch formulation of a captopril ethyl esterExpand
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Metabolism of captopril carboxyl ester derivatives for percutaneous absorption.
OBJECTIVES To determine the metabolism of captopril n-carboxyl derivatives and how this may impact on their use as transdermal prodrugs. The pharmacological activity of the ester derivatives was alsoExpand
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Seagrass conservation: lessons from ethnobotany
Current measures to protect and conserve seagrasses are nested in the legislative or judicial process. While this legal/judicial model may arrest activity in the short term, we contend that it mayExpand
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DIVERSet JAG Compounds Inhibit Topoisomerase II and Are Effective Against Adult and Pediatric High-Grade Gliomas
High-grade gliomas (HGGs) are aggressive primary brain tumors with local invasive growth and poor clinical prognosis in both adult and pediatric patients. Clinical response is compounded byExpand
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Comparison of Selected Benchmark Testing Methodologies as Predictors of Virginia Standards of Learning Test Scores
This study examined how Math-Curriculum Based Measurement (M-CBM) benchmark assessment scores predict fifth grade math Standards of Learning (SOL) assessment scores. Three school districtsExpand
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Poster Session 1 — Drug Metabolism
(Mordes et al 1996). Abnormality in the central (thymic) tolerance by clonal deletion of potentially autoreactive cells represents a possible contributory factor to the susceptibility of substrainsExpand
Identification and analysis of novel small molecule inhibitors of RNase E: Implications for antibacterial targeting and regulation of RNase E
Increasing resistance of bacteria to antibiotics is a serious global challenge and there is a need to unlock the potential of novel antibacterial targets. One such target is the essential prokaryoticExpand
Template design for high-silica zeotypes: A case study of zeolite nes synthesis using a designed template
Abstract This paper describes a combined Preparation, Structure Determination and Modelling study aimed at the design of a novel template for the NES zeotype. The starting point for this work was theExpand
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