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On the Puzzling Cycle in the Biological Standard of Living: The Case of Antebellum Georgia
Abstract We investigate the physical stature of Georgia convicts, both white and black, born in the first half of the 19th century. We confirm the existence of theantebellum puzzle,the decline inExpand
Southeast Asia's Incorporation into the World Rice Market: A Revisionist View
The story of Southeast Asia's incorporation into the "world" -- or, more properly, Western -- rice market is well known.(1) Indeed, this story is sufficiently familiar so as almost to inviteExpand
Globalization in Southeast Asia
The authors attempt to accomplish four interrelated tasks in this article: (1) to develop a plausible and defensible approach to studying globalization; (2) to define Southeast Asia; (3) to delimitExpand
Distant thunder: The creation of a world market in rice and the transformations it wrought
RICE (ORYZA SATIVA) HAS SHAPED THE LIVES OF RELATIVELY FEW WESTERNERS over time. It has dominated the lives of fewer still. While the cereal has been known in the West since antiquity, its productionExpand
Ideas, ideologies, and social movements : the United States experience since 1800
This volume uncovers the role of ideas and ideologies in some of the most important social movements in US history. The book examines attempts to bring about or to thwart social or institutionalExpand
Back to the Future: The Globalization of Agriculture in Historical Context
Despite the breathless nature of much contemporary writing on globalization, agriculture, and food security, these issues are hardly new. This essay argues that integrated markets for manyExpand
Creating Abundance: Biological Innovation and American Agricultural Development--An appreciation and research agenda
In their new book, Creating Abundance: Biological Innovation and American Agricultural Development (Cambridge, 2008), Olmstead and Rhode offer a radically new interpretation of American agriculturalExpand