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Studies on the methyl isocyanate adducts with globin.
The HPLC/APCI-MS analysis of globin from rats injected with DMF or MF, revealed the presence of the MIC adducts with both Val and Lys, and also the Lys adduct in such human globin samples can be feasible to analysis and is therefore considered for further studies as a potential biomarker of exposure to DMF. Expand
HPLC / MS analysis of the metabolites of 2 , 4-toluenediamine ( 2 , 4-TDA ) and 2 , 4-toluenediisocyanate ( 2 , 4-TDI ) in rat urine
Profiles of the urinary metabolites of 2,4-toluened iisocyanate (2,4-TDI) and 2,4toluenediamine (2,4-TDA) have been studied in rats wi h the aim to find suitable biomarkers of 2,4-TDI exposure. TheExpand