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The ethics of Google Earth: crossing thresholds from spatial data to landscape visualisation.
'Virtual globe' software systems such as Google Earth are growing rapidly in popularity as a way to visualise and share 3D environmental data. Scientists and environmental professionals, many of whomExpand
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WhyCon: an efficient, marker-based localization system
We present an open-source marker-based localization system intended as a low-cost easy-to-deploy solution for aerial and swarm robotics. The main advantage of the presented method is its highExpand
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Reversible suppression of sexual activity in tomcats with deslorelin implant.
The aim of the study was to assess the efficacy of using a Gn-RH agonist implant (deslorelin, 4.7 mg, Suprelorin) to control sexual activity of male cats and reestablishment of sexual function afterExpand
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Light and scanning electron microscopy of the tongue of a degu (Octodon degus)
The tongue of an adult degu was examined by light and scanning electron microscopy. It consists of an apex, corpus, and radix and contains a lingual prominence. The aim of this study was to describeExpand
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Foothold placement planning with a hexapod crawling robot
In this work, we concern the problem of motion planning for a hexapod walking robot crawling in a semi-structured environment where a precise foot-tip positioning is necessary. Expand
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On localization and mapping with RGB-D sensor and hexapod walking robot in rough terrains
  • P. Čížek, J. Faigl
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man…
  • 1 October 2016
In this paper, we address a problem of precise online localization of a hexapod walking robot operating in rough terrains. Expand
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Azoospermia with variable testicular histology after 7 months of treatment with a deslorelin implant in toms.
The main aim of the study was to assess whether the longer use of a GnRH-agonist implant (deslorelin 4.7 mg, Suprelorin) in toms would lead to the suppression of spermatogenesis comparable withExpand
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Stereo vision-based localization for hexapod walking robots operating in rough terrains
We present and evaluate an inertially assisted Stereo Parallel Tracking and Mapping (S-PTAM) method deployed on a hexapod crawling robot in a rough terrain. Expand
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Online Incremental Learning of the Terrain Traversal Cost in Autonomous Exploration
In this paper, we address motion efficiency in autonomous robot exploration with multi-legged walking robots that can traverse rough terrains at the cost of lower efficiency and greater body vibration. Expand
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An experimental study on feature-based SLAM for multi-legged robots with RGB-D sensors
This paper aims to evaluate four different simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) systems in the context of localization of multi-legged walking robots equipped with compact RGB-D sensors. Expand
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