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Eye and arm movements to single and double-step target displacements were studied to investigate whether or not the motor systems of the eye and arm share common command signals from the internal representation, which specify a) when a movement is initiated and b) the end position of a movement. The correlation between the time of onset of eye and arm(More)
The motor programming of fast goal-directed arm movements was studied in a tracking task. A target jumped once or twice randomly to the left or right direction with an interstimulus interval (ISI) in a range between 50 and 125 msec. Double step stimuli were either two steps in the same direction (C-trial) or in opposite direction (R-trial). Tracking results(More)
Non-acute transforming retroviruses like mouse mammary tumor virus (MMTV) cause cancer, at least in part, through integration near cellular genes involved in growth control, thereby de-regulating their expression. It is well-established that MMTV commonly integrates near and activates expression of members of the Wnt and Fgf pathways in mammary tumors.(More)
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