P. van Santen

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A method to increase the image resolution and dynamic range is to use the acquired data from several emissions (lines) and to beamform the collected RF signals treating the focal point in transmit as a virtual source of a spherical wave. The transducer is swept mechanically over the region of interest to scan a full volume. The same beamformation procedure(More)
This paper presents SGrid, a service-oriented model for the Semantic Grid. Each Grid service in SGrid is a Web service with certain domain knowledge. A Web services oriented wrapper generator has been implemented to automatically wrap legacy codes as Grid services exposed as Web services. Each wrapped Grid service is supplemented with domain ontology and(More)
An ontology defines a common vocabulary that facilitates the sharing of information in a domain. It includes machine-interpretable definitions of basic concepts in the domain and their relations. In the Grid environment (GE) where so many different implementations are available, the need for semantic matching based on a defined ontology becomes increasingly(More)
Today, individuals and institutions in science, research organization and industry are increasingly forming virtual organizations to pool resources and tackle a common objective. Massive amount of information has been passed not only confined into particular country but also spread out across the globe. Participants in virtual organizations commonly need to(More)
ii Abstract In this report a method to produce 3D ultrasound images is described. The 3D images are produced by translating a 1D linear transducer in the elevation plane, using a precise XYZ-translating system. The method is based on Synthetic Aperture and post beamforming. It is used to beamform the individual slices, increasing the resolution in the(More)
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