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Serological mass surveys were carried out in Zangwu County, China, using an immunoenzymatic test. 3,533 persons were found to have Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) IgA/VCA antibody among 148,029 persons age 30 years and older who were tested during 1978-1980. Among the IgA/VCA antibody-positive persons, 55 nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) cases were detected.(More)
We present an experiment designed to investigate the presence and nature of ordering effects within repeat-response stated preference (SP) studies. Our experiment takes the form of a large sample, full-factorial, discrete choice SP exercise investigating preferences for tap water quality improvements. Our study simultaneously investigates a variety of(More)
We attempted to assess recent changes in the prevalence of physician-diagnosed asthma and the possible influence of diagnostic exchange on these trends. The routinely collected data of the provincial Health Insurance Plan (physicians' claims) were used to determine the annual prevalence of physician-diagnosed asthma in Manitoba. Results indicate that the(More)
Two surgical techniques are commonly used for small intestinal transplantation: heterotopic (accessory) intestinal grafting (HIT), where the small bowel is initially defunctioned with restoration of intestinal continuity at a later date, and orthotopic (in continuity) intestinal grafting (OIT), where the small bowel is immediately anastomosed to the native(More)
In addition to its role in absorbing nutrients, the intestinal mucosa provides an important barrier against toxins and bacteria in the bowel lumen. The present study evaluated gut barrier function following orthotopic (in continuity) intestinal grafting in rats. Graft histology, intestinal permeability, and bacterial translocation to the grafted mesenteric(More)
Unlike other solid organ transplants, intestinal transplantation (IT) remains a highly experimental procedure. Rejection, sepsis, and graft-versus-host disease have been the major barriers to successful IT in humans. These problems can be studied in the rat model, but this requires a reliable surgical technique that will produce high survival rates and(More)
A retrospective clinical and radiologic study was carried out on 103 consecutive cases of oral and maxillofacial malignant conditions in which pulmonary metastasis occurred. The most frequent primary site was the palate. The neoplasm most commonly involved was the adenoid cystic carcinoma. Pulmonary metastases were classified into five types: solitary,(More)
A large scale, phased investigation of NORPLANT contraceptive systems was conducted in the People's Republic of China. The first phase comprehended 1,200 women in four cities. Expanded trials included 11,918 women at 12 major centers and at sub-centers by 31 May 1987. At that date 4,676 NORPLANT capsule subjects and 1,089 rod subjects had completed one year(More)