P. Yan

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Size-resolved and bulk activation properties of aerosols were measured at a regional/suburban site in the North China Plain (NCP), which is occasionally heavily polluted by anthropogenic aerosol particles and gases. A Cloud Condensation Nuclei (CCN) closure study is conducted with bulk CCN number concentration (N CCN) and calculated CCN number concentration(More)
Measurements of ozone and its precursors conducted within the HaChi (Haze in China) project in summer 2009 were analyzed to characterize volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and their effects on ozone photochemical production at a suburban site in the North China Plain (NCP). Ozone episodes, during which running 8-h average ozone concentrations exceeding 80(More)
Information about the long-term trends of surface and tropospheric ozone is important for assessing the impact of ozone on human health, vegetation, and climate. Long-term measurements from East Asia, especially China's eastern provinces, are urgently needed to evaluate potential changes of tropospheric ozone over this economically rapid developing region.(More)
The relative humidity (RH) dependence of aerosol light scattering is an essential parameter for accurate estimation of the direct radiative forcing induced by aerosol particles. Because of insufficient information on aerosol hy-groscopicity in climate models, a more detailed parameter-ization of hygroscopic growth factors and resulting optical properties(More)
Up to now, most of people are still cooking in the kitchen, which makes them feel fatigued and also makes air polluted. With the development of the numerical control technology, it becomes more and more urgent to apply the related technology to the automatic cooking field. In this paper, the cooking techniques for the Chinese dishes is introduced and an(More)
Surface flashover across the insulators in vacuum is the major limitation of the performance of the high power system. Surface characteristics of Insulator effect its surface flashover performance obviously, appropriate surface treatment can increase the surface flashover voltage. Ion implantation technology is an effective surface modification tool, it can(More)
During the electromagnetic launching process, the supporting insulators suffer from the complicated environments. Under the action of strong pulse stress, high temperature, arc and other factors, it will directly lead to insulation failure and performance degradation in electromagnetic launcher system. Therefore, it is necessary to study the characteristics(More)
We reported that the photonic crystal fiber (PCF) filled with TI:Bi2Te3 nanosheets solution could act as an effective saturable absorber (SA). Employing this TI-PCF SA device; we constructed an ytterbium-doped all-fiber laser oscillator and achieved the evanescent wave mode-locking operation. Due to the large cavity dispersion; the fundamental mode-locking(More)
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