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Advanced oxidation protein products (AOPPs), a novel protein marker of oxidative damage, have been confirmed to accumulate in patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), as well as those with diabetes and chronic kidney disease. However, the role of AOPPs in the intestinal epithelium remains unclear. This study was designed to investigate whether AOPPs(More)
Analogues of BMS-284756, a novel des-F(6)-quinolone, were synthesized and evaluated in order to determine the effects of modification of substituents on in vitro target inhibition. BMS-340281 (stereoisomer of BMS-284756), BMS-340280 (C-6 fluorinated analogue of BMS-284756), BMS-340278 (C-8-H derivative), BMS-433366 (C-8 methoxy analogue) and fluoroquinolone(More)
Methylated histone readers are critical for chromatin dynamics, transcription, and DNA repair. Human PHRF1 contains a plant homeodomain (PHD) that recognizes methylated histones and a RING domain, which ubiquitinates substrates. A recent study reveals that PHRF1 is a tumor suppressor that promotes TGF-β cytostatic signaling through TGIF ubiquitination.(More)
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