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A baryon transport code (BRYNTRN) has previously been veried using available Monte Carlo results for a solar-BLOCKINare spectrum as the reference. Excellent results were obtained, but the comparisons were limited to the available data on dose and dose equivalent for moderate penetration studies that involve minor contributions from secondary neutrons. To(More)
Eusocial insects are distinguished by their elaborate cooperative behavior and are sometimes defined as superorganisms. As a nest-bound superorganism, individuals work together to maintain favorable nest conditions. Residing in temperate environments, honey bees (Apis mellifera) work especially hard to maintain brood comb temperature between 32 and 36 °C.(More)
– This paper introduces an XML-based generic Context Request Language (CRL), whose construction is part of a long-term programme to build a web services framework in the domain of mobile context sensing. The paper describes an implementation of the technique that is in accordance with the formal mathematical representational model, using first-order(More)
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