P Y Robert

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The missionary zeal of many Bayesians of old has been matched, in the other direction, by an attitude among some theoreticians that Bayesian methods were absurd—not merely misguided but obviously wrong in principle. We consider several examples, beginning with Feller's classic text on probability theory and continuing with more recent cases such as the(More)
The authors describe two new techniques of evisceration after resection of the corneal epithelium and limbus with a conservative approach of the posterior lamella of the cornea and anterior sclera after a 360 degrees dissection of the sclera behind the insertion of the oculomotor recti muscles, and with a conservative approach of the recti oculomotor(More)
Identification of wooden intraorbital foreign bodies (WIOFB) is crucial for avoiding severe orbital infection. Despite careful clinical examination, WIOFB are often not recognised. We report the CT findings in chronically retained WIOFB. When not initially diagnosed, WIOFB create a granulomatous inflammatory foreign-body reaction. CT demonstrates the WIOFB(More)
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