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In two patients full-thickness burns were grafted with cultured autologous epidermis obtained using the technique described by H. Green. The grafts only took partially but produced satisfactory covering. Better efficiency and more information about the long-term characteristics of the resulting skin are necessary before routine use can be recommended.
BACKGROUND Vascular access, a vital tool for end-stage renal disease patients, remains a weak component of extracorporeal renal replacement therapy (RRT) and the first cause of morbidity. Permanent catheters proposed as an alternative to permanent AV fistulae are associated with a significant risk of infection. A subcutaneously implantable chamber connected(More)
The authors report a series of 16 patients with extensive burns partially treated by epidermal culture between May 1985 and July 1988. This series consisted of 9 males and 7 females between the ages of 6 and 88 years (mean age: 34 years). The mean surface area of the burns was 66% (range: 30% to 92%). The technique of epidermis culture used was derived from(More)
Postoperative pain was treated by epidural administration of 30 to 50 mg pethidine (5 mg X ml-1) in a group of 36 patients who had undergone retropubic prostatectomy. Surgery was carried out under epidural anaesthesia with lidocaine. Pain was assessed by means of the visual analogue scale. A general study of the effects of injections and reinjections showed(More)
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