P. X. Xing

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The MUC1 mucin (CD227) is a cell surface mucin originally thought to be restricted to epithelial tissues. We report that CD227 is expressed on human blood dendritic cells (DC) and monocyte-derived DC following in vitro activation. Freshly isolated murine splenic DC had very low levels of CD227; however, all DC expressed CD227 following in vitro culture. In(More)
Two murine Mabs VA1(IgG1) and VA2(IgG1) were produced against a bacterial fusion protein comprising glutathione S-transferase and five tandem repeats of the MUC1 protein. Using the immunoperoxidase staining technique, VA1 detected 46/53 and VA2 detected 48/53 breast cancers and both also reacted with a range of other human epithelial carcinomas. In addition(More)
A member of the high molecular weight glycoproteins of human milk and breast cancer was isolated from the sera, ascites and breast carcinoma tissue of patients with breast cancer using monoclonal antibody 3E1.2. The 3E1.2 defined antigen, termed mammary serum antigen (MSA) was obtained by immunoaffinity chromatography and a solid phase immuno-precipitation(More)
Doxorubicin (DOX) selection of CCRF-CEM leukaemia cell line resulted in multidrug resistance (MDR) CEM/A7R cell line, which overexpresses MDR, 1 coded P-glycoprotein (Pgp). Here, we report for the first time that oncoprotein Cripto, a founding member of epidermal growth factor-Cripto-FRL, 1-Criptic family is overexpressed in the CEM/A7R cells, and(More)
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