P. Wright

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Preference and usability are imperfectly correlated when choice among procedures depends on anticipating cognitive difficulties. Navigation choices were explored by offering 2 routes through an on-line price catalog. The harder route never varied, but interface features of the easier route varied across readers. In Experiment 1, readers chose the easier(More)
SUM M A RY Robust design is an activity of fund amental im portance when designing large, complex, one-off engineering products. W ork is described which is concerned with the application of the theory of design of experim ents and stochastic optim ization m ethods to explore and optimize at the concept design stage. T he discussion begins with a(More)
Designing and implementing successful online learning has been at the forefront of institutional agendas since digital learning increased in market demand over the last decade. However there is still ongoing debate as to the " how " of this arduous task. The Community of Inquiry (CoI) is one learning design method that has seen potential in the field, but(More)
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