P Woafo

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We study the spatiotemporal dynamics of a ring of diffusely coupled single-well Duffing oscillators. The transitions from spatiotemporal chaos to cluster and complete synchronization states are particularly investigated, as well as the Hopf bifurcations to instability. It is found that the underlying mechanism of these transitions relies on the motion of(More)
We investigate different states of synchronization in a ring of four mutually coupled van der Pol oscillators. The stability analysis and numerical simulation are performed to determine the suitable coupling parameters leading to high-quality synchronization. The consequences of parameter mismatch are also highlighted. Experimental realization is then used(More)
In this paper, we consider the spatiotemporal dynamics in a ring of N mutually coupled self-sustained oscillators in the regular state. When there are no parameter mismatches, the good coupling parameters leading to full, partial, and no synchronization are derived using the properties of the variational equations of stability. The effects of the spatial(More)
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