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On the basis of previous ground-based and fly-by information, we knew that Titan's atmosphere was mainly nitrogen, with some methane, but its temperature and pressure profiles were poorly constrained because of uncertainties in the detailed composition. The extent of atmospheric electricity ('lightning') was also hitherto unknown. Here we report the(More)
Inputs of phosphorus (P) above requirements for production on dairy farms lead to surplus P with increased risk of P transfer in land run-off to surface waters causing eutrophication. The impact of reducing surplus P inputs in purchased feeds and fertilizers on milk and forage production was investigated in a comparison of three dairy farm systems on(More)
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Introduction: The Radio Science Experiment MaRS on Mars Express is sounding the Martian atmosphere and ionosphere using the spacecraft radio signals at X-band and S-band in Earth occultation geometry. Vertical profiles of pressure, temperature and density of the neutral atmosphere can be derived with an altitude resolution of only a few hundred metres [1].(More)
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