P. Watson

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The concept of quasi-concavity is extended to multifunctions. It is then shown that if the velocity of a differential inclusion is regularly quasi-concave in a parameter, the solution set and attainability set are also dependent upon the parameter in like manner. The result is applied to give a vastly improved notion of fuzzy differential equations. @ 1999(More)
The FAMMM syndrome consists of the familial occurrence of cutaneous malignant melanoma and atypical nevi (dysplastic nevi), and is inherited as an autosomal dominant trait. Conflicting results have been reported on the question of whether the syndrome includes increased susceptibility to non-melanoma cancers. We have studied cancer of all anatomic sites and(More)
Human behavior can be paradoxical, in that actions can be initiated that are seemingly incongruent with an individual's explicit desires. This is most commonly observed in drug addiction, where maladaptive behavior (i.e., drug seeking) appears to be compulsive, continuing at great personal cost. Approach biases toward addictive substances have been(More)
Genome comparison and analysis can reveal the structures and functions of genome sequences of different species. As more genomes are sequenced, genomic data sources are rapidly increasing such that their analysis is beyond the processing capabilities of most research institutes. The Grid is a powerful solution to support large-scale genomic data processing(More)
A generic, hierarchical, and multifidelity unit cost of acquisition estimating methodology for outside production machined parts is presented. The originality of the work lies with the method's inherent capability of being able to generate multilevel and multifidelity cost relations for large volumes of parts utilizing process, supply chain costing data,(More)
We have studied a remarkable family with seven cases of malignant lymphoma extending through three generations wherein five sisters and their mother had histopathologically documented non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, while a granddaughter had Hodgkin's disease. An immunological study of three lymphoma survivors, nine of their first degree relatives, and four spouse(More)
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