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The report describes a method of impedance cardiography using an improved estimate of thoracic volume. The formulas and their implementation in hardware and software are explained and new shortband electrodes are described which generate a good homogeneous thoracic field. Examples of stroke volume and cardiac output curves underline the capabilities of the(More)
A new method and apparatus for non-disruptive blood pressure (BP) recording in the finger based on the vascular unloading technique is introduced. The instrument, in contrast to intermittent set point readjustments of the conventional vascular unloading technique, delivers BP without interruptions, thus refining the Penáz' principle. The method is based on(More)
The authors describe a method for accurate in vivo multislice imaging of the active component of the B1 field which is based on a previously proposed method, which uses the signal intensity ratio of two images measured with different excitation angles, and a repetition time TR 5 > or = 5 T1. The new method essentially reduces repetition and scan time by(More)
Eight-noded quadrilateral boundary elements are applied to the electrocardiographic inverse problem as an example for high-order boundary elements. It is shown that the choice of the shape functions used for approximation of the potentials has a remarkable influence on the solution obtained if the number of electrodes is smaller than the number of primary(More)
A pharmacokinetic model is modified to enable quantitation of subcutaneous insulin absorption following insulin injections of soluble insulin and monomeric insulin analogues. The model for soluble insulin includes diffusion, equilibration between hexameric and dimeric insulin and absorption of dimeric insulin molecules. Numerical approximation is carried(More)
PURPOSE To demonstrate the technical feasibility and precision of a navigated diffusion-weighted (DW) MR imaging method with interleaved echo-planar imaging and test its diagnostic sensitivity for detection of ischemic stroke. MATERIALS AND METHODS Apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) measurements were performed in phantoms, and six healthy adult(More)
A neural predictive controller for closed-loop control of glucose using subcutaneous (s.c.) tissue glucose measurement and s.c. infusion of monomeric insulin analogs was developed and evaluated in a simulation study. The proposed control strategy is based on off-line system identification using neural networks (NNs) and nonlinear model predictive controller(More)
The objective of this study is to analytically validate a boundary element (BE) formulation for the relationship between the transmembrane potential on the heart's surface and the potential on the body surface applying a concentric spherical test geometry. The relative difference (reldif) between the potential on the outer sphere of the test geometry(More)
The fact that time-varying magnetic fields cause eddy currents in conductive objects is very well known. Switched magnetic gradient fields, used in echo planar imaging, were shown in the past to be able to elicit a stimulation process in peripheral nerves. We report about the distribution and values of induced current densities in the human torso, modeled(More)
Verapamil is supposed to suppress the initiation of circus movement supraventricular tachycardia by affecting the atrioventricular node. In electrophysiological tests, programmed stimulation is usually performed by using the same location for pacing and premature stimulus. Spontaneous ectopic activity starts from a different location than the sinus node and(More)