P W Wolff

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Introduction: The fundamental role of dust aerosols in modifying the structure and evolution of the martian atmosphere was first clearly identified by [1]. Through the use of an analytical (simplified) radiative-convective model [2], they demonstrated the inability of a CO 2 atmosphere to reproduce even qualitatively the general thermal structures observed(More)
Foreword This informal proceedings contains the papers and system descriptions presented conjunction with the TPHOLs conference. The UITP workshop brings together researchers interested in designing, developing and evaluating interfaces for interactive proof systems. These systems include theorem provers, formal method tools, and other tools manipulating(More)
We introduce a compact submicron structure consisting of multiple optical microcavities at both the entrance and exit sides of a subwavelength plasmonic slit filled with an absorbing material. We show that such microcavity structures at the entrance side of the slit can greatly enhance the coupling of the incident light into the slit, by improving the(More)
Crisis, what crisis? If public sentiment in Germany is anything to go by, there is little reason to worry about Europe. The period when it was feared that the euro might collapse seems a long time ago. Financial markets have calmed down. The design flaws of the monetary union seem to have been papered over, and European Council President Herman van Rompuy(More)
INTRODUCTION: Traditional outcome measures have described the wrist in isolated planes of motion (flexion-extension, radial-ulnar deviation). While practical and straightforward, these measures do not convey information concerning functional activities of the wrist. Most functional activities employ " coupled " wrist motion, a combination of(More)
Causation by omission is instantiated when an effect occurs from an absence, as in The absence of nicotine causes withdrawal or Not watering the plant caused it to wilt. The phenomenon has been viewed as an insurmountable problem for process theories of causation, which specify causation in terms of conserved quantities, like force, but not for theories(More)
We present spectral energy distribution (SED) models for the edge-on classical T Tauri star HH30 IRS that indicate dust grains have grown to larger than 50µm within its circumstellar disk. The disk geometry and inclination are known from previous modeling of multiwavelength Hubble Space Telescope images and we use the SED (0.5µm ≤ λ ≤ 3mm) to constrain the(More)
(2005) The case for strategic international alliances to harness nutritional genomics for public and personal health. 81 Please see Appendix 1 for details of affiliations. Nutrigenomics is the study of how constituents of the diet interact with genes, and their products, to alter phenotype and, conversely, how genes and their products metabolise these(More)