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for direct sequence code division multiple-access (DS-CDMA) systems. A modified receiver, precombinig LMMSE is considered under time varying channel environment. Detector updating is performed with two criterions, mean square estimation (MSE) and MOE optimization technique. The adaptive implementation issues of these two schemes are quite different. MSE(More)
Normal legitimate network traffic on both LANs and wide area IP networks has self-similarity feature i.e. scale invariance property. Superimposition of legitimate traffic and high intensity non-self-similar traffic results into degradation in self-similarity of normal traffic. Rescaled range method is used to calculate Hurst parameter and its deviation from(More)
Over the last 20 years, analysis, modeling and simulation of network traffic in different networks adopted techniques based on statistics and probability theory. We bring out the limitations of these approaches and implement alternative approach using the long range dependence and self-similarity in the network traffic focused around wavelet analysis(More)
Linear antenna array design is one of the most important electromagnetic optimization problems of current research interests. In this paper a new method of optimization, Characteristics Evolution Optimization, has been introduced. The method is based on the binary digit system. Since the algorithm works on binary digits and in a parallel fashion, the method(More)
The importance of Standards and societal Impact of Internet of Things (IoT) projects appear to be of secondary consideration in the present IoT initiatives. In this context, industry practices and academic curricula seems to be lacking in adequate awareness. Even the revised draft IoT policy released in April 2015 by Government of India does not focus on(More)
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