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Suppression of Candida albicans by Escherichia coli.
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Plasma and skeletal muscle amino acids following severe burn injury in patients and experimental animals.
This study describes and analyzes sequential changes in plasma and skeletal muscle free amino acids following severe burn injury. Plasma free amino acids were determined in children (n = 9) withExpand
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Synthetic Immunomodulators for Prevention of Fatal Infections in a Burned Guinea Pig Model
Individuals who have suffered severe trauma, such as burns, have a high incidence of infection associated with impaired host resistance. Nonspecific stimulators of host defense mechanisms, i.e.,Expand
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A New Model for Studying Nutrition in Peritonitis: The Adverse Effect of Overfeeding
In guinea pigs fed ad libitum, controlled intraperitoneal infusion of bacteria by an implanted 7-day osmotic pump resulted in peritonitis or abscess formation with a 50% survival 14–18 days afterExpand
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Effect of blood transfusions on macrophage-lymphocyte interaction in an animal model.
Blood transfusions have been reported over the last 2 decades to decrease allograft rejection, to increase the rate of tumor growth, and to increase susceptibility to infectious complications. TheExpand
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Arginine supplementation and its effect on established peritonitis in guinea pigs.
To evaluate the efficacy of supplemental arginine with nutritional support in the presence of sepsis, eighty-eight gastrostomized female Hartley guinea pigs were implanted with osmotic pumps effusingExpand
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Effect of blood transfusion and anesthesia on resistance to bacterial peritonitis.
Patients who undergo gastrointestinal operations and require prolonged anesthesia or blood transfusions have been reported to have a higher incidence of infectious complications. A rat peritonitisExpand
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Low Protein Diets Improve Survival from Peritonitis in Guinea Pigs
Enteral diets with different protein content were tested to determine their effect on outcome in a model of protracted bacterial peritonitis. Hartley guinea pigs were provided with gastrostomies, andExpand
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A comparison of Biobrane vs. homograft for coverage of contaminated burn wounds.
An evaluation was made comparing homograft to Biobrane for the coverage of excised burn wounds using a rat model which had been contaminated with 1 x 10(5) Pseudomonas aeruginosa 1244. The homograftExpand
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Alterations in Host Defense Associated with Inhalation Anesthesia and Blood Transfusion
Anesthesia and blood transfusions have been demonstrated to impair immune function. The present study evaluated whether these impairments led to increased susceptibility to infectious complicationsExpand
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