P W Gikas

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Studies in vitro indicate that hydroxyethyl starch is an effective extracellular cryoprotective agent for erythrocytes. It is as effective as polyvinylpyrrolidone in cryophylactic ability. It is degraded to glucose units in the circulation, is not retained in tissues, and is inexpensive to produce. Changes in the size and degree of hydroxyethylation of the(More)
To explain the variability in detection of prostate cancer with magnetic resonance (MR) imaging, the authors correlated preoperative MR findings in 28 patients with tissue optical density (TOD) measurements on whole-mount pathologic slides prepared from radical prostatectomy specimens. TOD was used as an indicator of the degree of tissue compactness or(More)
Thirteen prolactin and five growth hormone-producing pituitary adenomas were studied by immunohistochemistry and electron microscopy. The immunohistochemical localization of prolactin and growth hormone correlated well with elevated serum levels of pituitary hormones in all cases. Ultrastructural characterization by granule density and secretory activity(More)
A retrospective analysis of 5 renal oncocytomas studied with CT was performed. Oncocytomas appeared as rounded hypodense solid masses with sharp margination from the normal renal parenchyma. They showed uniform homogeneous enhancement on CT scans performed after drip infusion of urographic contrast. One oncocytoma studied with dynamic CT scanning(More)
Information on a familial syndrome of hyperuricemia and renal disease with or without gout was obtained on 33 of 41 blood relatives: Nine had renal disease; abnormalities of the urinary sediments were minimal; serum uric acid levels were elevated in seven and were not measured in two. Hyperuricemia was noted in three additional family members without(More)
We studied the histopathologic effect of intraarterial Sotradecol (Elkins-Sinn, Inc., Cherry Hill, NJ) on the kidney and examined the mechanism for destruction of renal parenchyma by Sotradecol. Sotradecol was injected into one renal artery distal to an occlusion balloon catheter in six dogs, and the kidneys were removed for histologic examination; four(More)