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BACKGROUND Intracerebral epidermoid cysts are rare lesions and may account for only 1.5% of intracranial epidermoid tumors. Cell entrapment from the mesectodermal origin of the neural crest within the primitive cerebral hemisphere may lead to the formation of such rare intracerebral lesions. METHODS An intracerebral epidermoid cyst located in the right(More)
OBJECTIVE Olfactory groove meningiomas account for 8 to 13% of all intracranial meningiomas. Surgical removal is often performed through the bifrontal, unilateral subfrontal (frontolateral), or pterional approach. We report on the clinical outcome and recurrence rate after surgical treatment of olfactory groove meningiomas in our neurosurgical department.(More)
OBJECTIVE Tuberculum sellae meningiomas present a special challenge because of their proximity to arteries of the anterior circulation, anterior visual pathways, and the hypothalamus. The authors report on the clinical outcome after surgical treatment of tuberculum sellae meningiomas in our neurosurgical department. METHODS A retrospective study was(More)
OBJECTIVE The concept of neurovascular decompression for the treatment of hemifacial spasm is now widely accepted. In this study, we report our long-term results for 145 cases treated with this procedure. METHODS The results of 145 microvascular decompressions to treat hemifacial spasm (performed between 1980 and 1998) among 143 patients (62.2% female(More)
Multiple injections of autologous blood were made around the basilar artery of rabbits through a silicone catheter placed into the prepontine cistern. The total blood injected was 3 ml/kg in aliquots of 0.5 to 0.8 ml over a 4-hour period. Control angiograms were obtained 7 days before this procedure. Groups of animals were examined by angiography on each of(More)
The pineal hormone melatonin (MLT) is secreted in a circadian rhythm with high serum levels during nighttime and low serum levels during daytime. Several authors have reported an altered secretion pattern of MLT in patients with pineal tumors and have proposed that MLT may be used as a tumor marker. In nine patients, a pineal region tumor was diagnosed by(More)
Twenty-five meningiomas located at the tentorial notch were surgically treated between 1978 and 1993 at the Neurosurgical Department of Nordstadt Hospital in Hannover, Germany. Nineteen meningiomas were classified as originating from the lateral tentorial incisura (Group I) and six were from the posteromedial tentorial incisura (Group II). Clinically, the(More)
BACKGROUND Sphenoid wing meningiomas (SWMs) with osseous involvement are neurosurgically challenging because of their position within the skull base and their high rates of recurrence. Sufficient resection of these meningiomas requires extensive surgical exposure. We report on 82 patients with meningiomas infiltrating the sphenoid wing, analyzing(More)
With only four histologically proven cases in the literature, solitary skull base metastasis of thyroid carcinoma is extremely rare. Having treated another patient harboring a lesion with osseous destruction in the petroclival region and downward soft tissue extension we analyzed this case in conjunction with previous reports. In contrast to parenchymal(More)