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Cloud computing model along with virtualization enables scalable infrastructures and provides on demand access to computing resources. Virtualization technology facilitates multiple virtual servers to run on a physical server to enhance the utilization of the server. Hypervisor as a virtualization layer provides an infrastructural support to multiple(More)
Virtualization Technology plays prominent role in the success of cloud computing because the delivery of services is simplified by providing a platform for optimizing complex IT resources in a scalable manner, which makes cloud computing more cost effective. Hypervisors give near native performance by negating virtualization overhead. XenServer is one of(More)
— To make cloud computing model Practical and to have essential characters like rapid elasticity, resource pooling, on demand access and measured service, two prominent technologies are required. One is internet and second important one is virtualization technology. Virtualization Technology plays major role in the success of cloud computing. A(More)
Hypervisors enable multiple operating systems to run above it with the help of virtualization technique by sharing underlying physical resources. KVM hypervisor uses hybrid virtualization technique i.e., it uses full virtualization technique along with hardware assisted virtualization. It is motivating to analyse different Operating Systems (OSs)(More)
Virtualization increases the utilization of physical servers and enables portability of virtual servers between physical servers. Virtualization Technology plays an important role in the success of cloud computing as it optimizes hardware and software resources which in turn enables cloud model to deliver the services in a scalable manner. Hypervisor as a(More)
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