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We present results and discussions based on measurements in a campus underground powerline network in India. Most results on powerline channels presented in the literature thus far do not deal with the link between the distribution transformer and various sites served by it. This link is relevant to the use of power line as an access (last mile) medium for(More)
Integration of wind power with the grid has become an important problem. For integration, a producer needs to bid in a time-ahead market to deliver an amount of energy at a future point in time. Because wind speed and price are both uncertain, a producer needs to place bids on the basis of expected wind power yield and price. To this end, improving the(More)
HVAC control strategies that exploit temporal variations in zone occupancy have been well studied. Occupancy can also vary spatially within a zone, especially during off-design operating conditions. We complement prior work by studying the usefulness of sensing occupancy information at different spatial resolutions in large zones served by multiple AHUs. As(More)
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