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Blended Learning is the combination of traditional face-to-face classroom learning integrated with the emerging technologies like pervasive learning, virtual class rooms, on line training, web based study materials etc. It creates an integrated learning experience to achieve a complete knowledge. Implementations of blended learning systems are progressing(More)
Since Organizations have recognized that knowledge constitutes a valuable intangible asset for creating and sustaining competitive advantages, knowledge sharing has a vital role in present society. It is an activity through which information is exchanged among people through different media. Many problems face the area of knowledge sharing and knowledge(More)
The environmental risks of seafood are enormous which include, water pollution, metal pollution and other bacterial pollution. So the quality of seafood is a major concern to food processors and public health authorities around the world. Seafood companies implement the quality management systems in their platforms; mostly database oriented one. We have(More)
This research paper presents an intelligent system to predict the risk assessment of hypertension in three main related areas like diabetes, cardiovascular problems, and kidney disorders. The system is targeted on patients in Sultanate of Oman. Currently there is no specific system in the domain of hypertension or its associated diseases in the Sultanate.(More)
A complete patient health record is a mandatory requirement to conduct an efficient diagnosis. Even though the traditional method of collecting health records is through peer to peer interview between doctor and patient, for a very long time, computers were used by medical professionals in diagnosing the diseases and in clinical decision making processes.(More)
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