P. V. Sruthi

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A number of microalgae species are efficient in removing toxicants from wastewater. Many of these potential species are a promising, eco-friendly, and sustainable option for tertiary wastewater treatment with a possible advantage of improving the economics of microalgae cultivation for biofuel production. The present study deals with the phycoremediation of(More)
Segmentation of text lines is one of the important steps in the Optical Character Recognition system. Text Line Segmentation is pre-processing step of word and character segmentation. Text Line Segmentation can be viewed simple for printing documents which contains distinct spaces between the lines. And it is more complex for the documents where text lines(More)
Heavy metals are among the major pollutants from anthropogenic inputs that reach mangrove ecosystem by urban and agricultural runoff, industrial effluents, boating, mining and other processes. To minimize the detrimental effects of heavy metal exposure and their accumulations, plants in general have evolved biological detoxification mechanisms, which(More)
Ad hoc networks are useful for providing communication support where no fixed infrastructure exists or the deployment of a fixed infrastructure is not economically profitable, and movement of communicating parties are allowed. Due to the dynamic topology, developing better routing protocol became a challenging task. The Dynamic Source Routing (DSR) protocol(More)
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