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Fibroblasts are a major stromal cell type present in human connective tissue maintaining the structural integrity in health. Depending on the situation, location and various conditions, fibroblasts exhibit considerable variation in morphology, size and shape that suggest the existence of discrete cellular subsets. The purpose of this short communication is(More)
Segmentation of text lines is one of the important steps in the Optical Character Recognition system. Text Line Segmentation is pre-processing step of word and character segmentation. Text Line Segmentation can be viewed simple for printing documents which contains distinct spaces between the lines. And it is more complex for the documents where text lines(More)
Nearly all aspects of cell life and death are controlled by the phosphorylation of proteins which are catalyzed by kinases. Malfunctioning of kinases results in cell disorders causing cancers and other diseases. The present study deals with the identification of predominant features present in the inhibitors targeting these enzymes and classification of the(More)
BACKGROUND Age estimation is an important factor in establishing the identity of a person. Among various techniques, dental age estimation is helpful in estimating the age in children above 16 years of age. Determination of age using developmental stages of teeth is more useful than using tooth eruption. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 550(More)
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