P. V. Rattray

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A range of improved pasture herbage feed allowances (1 to 5 kg dry matter/head/day) were offered to young sheep, grazing underPinus radiata grown at 0, 50, 100 and 200 stems per hectare. Six trials were conducted, each for 30 days duration between spring 1986 and autumn 1988, at tree age 13–15 years. Mean liveweight gain over all trials for 0 (open(More)
The effects of pre-partum intravenous injections of vitamin A alcohol and vitamin palmitate on vitamin A levels in the plasma and livers of newborn lambs and in colostrum were studied with twenty mature Romney ewes. Injecting ewes with 250000 IU of vitamin A alcohol significantly (P less than .05) increased vitamin A levels in the blood (77%) and livers(More)
1. The fatty acid composition of milk fat of Coopworth sheep offered varying pasture allowances has been determined after 1, 14, 35 d of lactation. Differences in fatty acids occurred, particularly between 1 and 14 d, with a major increase in C18:0 whilst C16:0, C14:0 and C18:3 showed decreases. 2. When pasture allowances were restricted there were(More)
1. Restriction of food to ewes bearing twin lambs showed a trend to decrease the level of omega 6 fatty acids in muscle phospholipids of the foetus though this was not significant statistically (P less than 0.05). 2. There was a significant increase in the fatty acid ratio, 20:3 omega 9:20:4 omega 6 in the twin lambs as compared with single lambs. 3. There(More)
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