P. V. Rajkumar

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A huge deployment of effective steganography by several techniques with varying degrees of payload, peak signal to noise ratio (PSNR), robustness, perceptual transparency and so on has been evidenced. Steganography has been effective as an alternative to cryptography and has been projected to the forefront of digital security by the explosive growth in(More)
Surveillance systems provide the capability of collecting authentic and purposeful information and forming appropriate decisions to enhance safety. In a general video surveillance system, video streams from cameras are sent to a control center and operators monitor the videos. But human operator monitoring of the views every moment of every day is almost(More)
—This paper considers the safety problem for the pre-authorization sub-model of the well-known UCON ABC usage control model, that is, Pre UCON A. It is shown that Pre UCON A with finite attribute domains has decidable safety even if arbitrary object creation is allowed. This result eliminates the previously known restrictions for obtaining safety(More)
Introduction The need to compare two or more documents arises in a variety of situations. Some instances include detection of plagiarism in academic settings and comparing versions of computer programs. Extensive research has been performed on comparing documents based on their content (Si et al., 1997; Brin et al., 1995) and there also exist several tools(More)
Administrative rights are more powerful permissions and checking accountability of execution of admin rights is an important security measure. Most of the administrative RBAC models distribute rights to multiple administrators. Though such decentralized security management has difficulties in checking admin accountability, it is more efficient compared to(More)
Wireless technologies such as the Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN), the Worldwide Interoperability for Micro wave Access (Wi-MAX), and the Third-Generation (3G) mobile communications system complement each other to support a variety of services suited for the home, urban, and global environments. As roaming users expect a seamless handover (HO) experience(More)
It is easy to choose and memorize simple and meaningful vocabulary as secret passwords, but it is very hard to meet the requirement of security and efficiency. Hence chang and chang proposed a novel three party encrypted key exchange protocol without using the server's public keys. The key exchange protocol has achieved great attention due to its simplicity(More)